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It features images from my holiday on the Canary Islands which was in April 2014. I visited the islands of Fuerteventura, Lobos and Lanzarote. All images are in 2560×1600, so they are best viewed in fullscreen on a 16:10 monitor (but others also work).
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Caleta de Fuste: Beach
Caleta de Fuste: Castillo
The holiday resort of Caleta de Fuste is also called Castillo, which refers to this small tower.
Caleta de Fuste: My Hotel’s Cat
The evening before, I took two photos of it, but I had wrong exposure settings. After I took the second photo, it ran away because of the flash and didn’t want me to move closer. It obviously forgot about that and did not escape from me this time.
Las Salinas: Salt Museum
Salt was expensive centuries ago. Then people found out that salt was easily found pretty much everywhere in the world and the salt economy collapsed.
Las Salinas: Salt Museum
Las Salinas: Salt Museum
This fishbone of course isn’t real.
Caleta de Fuste: Flower
Playa Blanca
Meaning “white beach”, the name of this village on Lanzarote is obviously irony. The village’s port connects Lanzarote to Fuerteventura.
Valley of the 1000 Palm Trees
The name was given in the 16th century, before some pyromanic pirate burned the palms down. Now they at least have some palms again.
La Graciosa
This is the smallest inhabited island of the Canary Islands. It is located north of Lanzarote.
Jameos del Agua
César Manrique influenced Lanzarote similar to how Antoni Gaudí influenced Barcelona. His work is found all over the island. One of his works is known as Jameos del Agua. Tunnels connect the cave with the ocean.
Jameos del Agua
Some small crab came here through the tunnels. The crabs are usually living several kilometers under the ocean.
Jameos del Agua: Sea Shells
There is a hole full of sea shells.
Jameos del Agua
Previously people were allowed to take a bath in this artificial pool.
Jameos del Agua: Auditorium
Because the volcanic rock absorbs echos, this concert halls was built.
Timanfaya: Ornito
This rock is nicknamed “ornito”, meaning ‘ears’.
Timanfayo is a national park with volcanic heat. The last time a volcano on Lanzarote erupted was on September 1st in 1730. The eruption lasted for six years and made this landscape.
Lobos: Pier
Lobos is an uninhabited island north of Fuerteventura.
Lobos: Beach
Lobos: Saline’s Wind Wheel
Lobos: Lighthouse
Lobos: Salt Lake
Morro Jable: Beach
Couples have written their names with stones. Let’s hope their love lasts longer than that.
Morro Jable: Barbary Ground Squirrel
After eating an apple, I lured this squirrel with the apple core while sitting on the sidewalk. She climbed up my legs and tried to grab the core. After taking this picture, I gave it to her and she ran away. The squirrels were introduced from Morocco in 1965. They have no predators and are frequently fed by tourists, so they quickly spreat all over the island.
Morro Jable
There are barbary ground squirrels living down in the plants.
Oasis Park: Parrot
The Oasis Park is a zoo in La Lajita in the south of Fuerteventura. They also have four animal shows, one of which is the bird show, where this photo was taken.
Oasis Park: Pavian
Oasis Park: Mongoose
Oasis Park: Meerkat
Oasis Park: Meerkat
Oasis Park: Meerkat Watching
Oasis Park: Giraffes
Oasis Park: Barn Fowl Hen and her Chicks
Some domestic animals are running around freely in the park.
Oasis Park: Cat
There are also several cats like this one in the park.
Oasis Park: Lama
Standing on a hill watching the scene.
Oasis Park: Ostrich
Oasis Park: Turtles
I like turtles.
Oasis Park: Albino Kangaroo
Oasis Park: Gazelle
Oasis Park: Meerkat
Oasis Park: Meerkat
Oasis Park: Meerkat
Caleta de Fuste: Sunset
Faro la Entallada
I bought a round trip for Fuerteventura. It was early and the first stop was the lighthouse of Las Playitas, so I could take this photo.
Ajuy: Cave
Ajuy: Cave
Ajuy: Cave
Pajara: Goat Cheese Farm
Obviously they also make sheep’s cheese.
Valles de Ortega: Aloe Vera Farm
Caleta de Fuste: Barbary Ground Squirrel
Caleta de Fuste: Barbary Ground Squirrel
La Oliva: Barbary Ground Squirrel
La Oliva: Barbary Ground Squirrel
Caleta de Fuste: Sunset
Caleta de Fuste: Sunset
Caleta de Fuste: Barbary Ground Squirrel