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It features images from my holiday at the Turkish Riviera in September 2012. All are in 1920×1200, so they are best viewed in fullscreen on a 16:10 monitor (but others also work).
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Kızılot: Sunset
Taurus Mountains: Road
D395 Konya Manavgat Yolu
Taurus Mountains: Road
D395 Konya Manavgat Yolu
Taurus Mountains: Akarsu
The Akarsu River later flows into the Manavgat River.
Taurus Mountains: Roadside Market
Taurus Mountains: Trail
Kızılot: Beach
Kızılot: Sunrise
Kızılot: Beach in the Morning Sun
Manavgat Fashion Market
Plagiarism on the rise!
Manavgat Market
Inside the Manavgat fashion market which targets German tourists, there is also this fruit market for the natives.
Kızılot: Sunset
Side is marketed like it was an actual city, but in fact it’s just an archeologic site near Manavgat.
Alanya: Port
Many Germans live in Alanya, so the Turkish call it Almanya (meaning Germany).
Alanya: Castle Hill Village
Alanya is famous for its castle hill. The road to the top is used by many merchants to sell stuff to people making their way to the top.
Alanya: Cleopatra Beach
Manavgat: Waterfall
This is not the famous Manavgat Waterfall, it is simply a decorative waterfall inside the town.
Manavgat: Small Waterfall
This is the so called Small Manavgat Waterfall.
Manavgat: Manavgat River
These are tourist boats.
Oymapınar Municipality: Goats
Suddenly: Goats.
Oymapınar Barrage
Access to the area around the barrage is 0.50 euros per person.
Oymapınar Barrage: Road to the Barrage
Oymapınar Barrage: Reservoir
Oymapınar Barrage: Water
Kızılot: Sunset
Manavgat: Bakery
The area around the actual Manavgat Waterfall costs an entrance fee of TRY 3.50. Pretty expensive, as it is only a very small area with mostly fashion shops.
Manavgat: Emanzipation
Not yet invented in turkey.
Manavgat: Cakes
Kızılağaç: Small Market
Kızılağaç is a village consisting mostly of very big hotels and has many fashion shops and shopping centers for the tourists. There is however this traditional market just a road away.
Kızılağaç: Mass Tourism
That’s what I was just talking about.
Kızılot: Upper Part
Aspendos: Bridge
Aspendos is also an archelogic site, however, it is some kilometers away from the so-called Aspendos Bridge.
Aspendos Bridge
The bridge has been reconstructed and you can walk across it.
Aspendos Brdige: View
Aspendos: Theatre
Aspendos: Building
Aspendos: Aquaeduct
They charge TRY 10 entrance fee for this relatively small site. I didn’t want to pay that much for so little.
Perge: Stadium
The stadium is outside of the paid area.
Perge: Stadium
Rubble from the stadium is stored nearby in a fenced area.
Kurşunlu Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı
Relatively large national park for only TRY 3.
Kurşunlu Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı
Antalya Havalimanı: Cat
Catlick like a boss.
Antalya Havalimanı
My airplane home is on the right.