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Changelog for µYaTQA running on Overwolf’s Kick-Ass In-Game Operating System (KAIGOS)...

µYaTQA 0.1 (09 Aug 2014, internal release only)

  • Initial Release.

µYaTQA 1.0 (13 Sep 2014)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented displaying non-named colors in chat.
  • Compact mode is now super compact mode without the program title.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented named links from being opened in the browser, but caused them to replace the app's window
  • Made a custom app icon
  • Menus now disappear when tree is toggled
  • Channel menu now appears 1 pixel below the mouse pointer to allow quickly closing it
  • Added selecting all channel members
  • Channels are now sorted correctly
  • Clients are now sorted correctly
  • Fixed possible problem when moving inexistant clients
  • Added channel password support (passwords are saved by ID and channel name, because server UID is not available)
  • Your display settings are now saved
  • Fixed important bug that caused the wrong chat window to be closed
  • Added youtube embeds
  • Added welcome window displayed on first run and when you click the "?" in the menu bar

Known Issues

  • Clicking cancel in the chat input boxes usually crashes Overwolf (Overwolf bug)
  • Creating a channel while connected on that server at least twice stops any TS-related feature from working (Overwolf TS plugin bug)
  • Channel passwords containing quotation marks might not be supported (not sure, if so, my fault)